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You have arrived to the 7th Annual IBDE Student Showcase and *Custom Website Competition

(You can view the entries and winners from 2017 below...)


Current Year (2017) Grads
1ST PLACE: Darci Schapansky, AB - 178 votes
2ND PLACE: Connie Seidler, MB - 127 votes

Prior Year (2006 to 2016) Grads
1ST PLACE: Jennifer Kennedy, BC - 179 votes 
2ND PLACE: Rita Ramen, BC - 147 votes

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Competition Categories

1. Current Grads ~ 2017
2. Prior Grads ~ 2006 to 2016


We will be awarding these amazing prizes to the competitors receiving the most votes:

1st Prize ~ FREE SEAT in one IBDE Web Advanced course of your choice OR
3 hours of professional business coaching with a business coach of your choice
(or $500 cash equivalent)

2nd Prize ~ 1 year web hosting + domain name OR 
1.5 hour tutorial with George Papazian, Instructor at IBDE Web Advanced and Emily Carr University 
(or $150 cash equivalent)

Voting and Announcements

Voting is easy!  View the websites  ~ and then vote for your top pick in each category.  You can place one voteper categoryper day.

For daily updates and final results, visit us on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.   We will post results each night at 6:00 p.m. Pacific and final results at 9:00 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, May 14.

Current Grads (2017) Websites


  1. Binta Embalo, ON
  2. Brian Brown, BC
  3. Connie Seidler, MB
  4. Dale Lutes, ON
  5. Darci Schapansky, AB
  6. Donna Johansen, BC
  7. Katie Tabor, BC
  8. Michelle Yuzik, BC
  9. Shirley Klim, BC
  10. Steven Boyce, ON
  11. Travis Doose, BC
  12. Wendy Tarasoff, BC


Prior Grads (2006-2016) Websites


  1. Carla Voyageur, MB
  2. Darnelle O'Hara, NS
  3. David Wenzel, YT
  4. Evelyn Kirkaldy, BC
  5. Gordon Wenman, BC
  6. Jackie Hendrix, BC
  7. Jennifer Kennedy, BC
  8. Ken Biron, BC
  9. Rita Ramen, BC



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Special thanks to our major donors. This student showcase has been made possible through your generous support and involvement.

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Thank you!

Thank you for voting and supporting our students ~ past and present!

Remember, for updates and results ~ visit us on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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